Queer Britain

queer britain

Queer Britain is a charity working to establish a bricks and mortar national LGBTQ+ museum, for all, regardless of sexuality or gender identity or expression. We believe that queer people’s stories should be understood by all and celebrated in all their rich diversity in their own, dedicated home. 

All about queer britain

Queer Britain became a charity in late 2018 and is now preparing to move into its first physical home. It will be the UK’s first national museum focused on LGBTQ+ people, gathering, exploring and celebrating their stories, histories and artefacts. As well as being full of rich and wildly diverse stories from the past and present, it will have a strong educational agenda.

Queer Britain will be an innovative, immersive bricks and mortar museum which will preserve and present stories and artefacts. It will celebrate, explore and explain LGBTQ+ lives and place them in a national and international context for everyone.

There will be a mixture of permanent and temporary exhibition spaces, educational and workshop spaces. It will be the museum that the LGBTQ+ communities – and the country more broadly – has needed for many years. www.queerbritain.org.uk