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Freedom - Beauty - Truth - Love

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 Bohemian Paris, the late 19th century, was where confetti decorated the streets and the Moulin Rouge was pounding with life.


A time of passion, creativity and poetic expression. It was a simpler period where the artists and philosophers followed the ideals: 

Freedom, Beauty, Truth, Love



Where the bountiful vineyards

are a world away from tight controls

and strict guidelines of

certain areas


The hills, valleys and picturesque

scenery that decorate the stunning landscape - awe inspiring

and truly mind-blowing


The Parisian cafes and bistros were home to the great philosophers of the time but the Roman Pliny put it best:

“In vino veritas”


A wine to fall in love to,

a wine to fall in love with,

a wine to fall in love after...

this is Bohemian Paris after all!

Madame F.png

Madame F evokes these halcyon days where freedom was encouraged, beauty abounded, truth was explored and love was enjoyed. 

We select the finest fruit from Southern France, free from the restrictive rules of the stuffier appellations. We use the best grapes - at the best prices - to guarantee a consistently delicious and drinkable style. 




Southern French sunshine

Warmth, life and love

Peach, citrus and mineral purity



Rich, ruby red

A decadent, easy glassful

Plum, blackcurrant and spice

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