5 steps to hosting a killer wine and cheese tasting at home

Be the Big Cheese you know you are with our killer tips for hosting wine and cheese tasting at home with your favourite bottle of wine.

Looking to add a little sophistication to your social get-togethers? Then think cheese! Like Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, cheese and wine make the perfect pairing. A power combo that can be enjoyed whatever the occasion, from laid back and simply chilling with friends on a lazy weekend to putting on a little glitz and glam for an evening celebration. It’s always the perfect time to host wine and cheese tasting at home.

For the kitchen phobics, there’s even better news – absolutely no cooking required!

And what better way to make your wine and cheese tasting at home even more sophisticated than being accompanied with one of our wonderful bottles of Madame F?

We’ve come up with the perfect wine and cheese pairing plan designed to create Instagram worthy moments – from retro 80s chic to uber-modern vibes.

Wine and cheese pairing - Madame F style

Five steps to the perfect wine and cheese tasting at home

Choose your cheeses

Cheese is such a versatile treat that there’s something for everyone in any good wine and cheese tasting party. But your cheese selection needs proper attention if you want to wow your guests.

Our advice? Go big and go global and select from the astonishingly wide variety of cheeses from around the world. The trick is to take your guests on a tasting adventure.

Looking for some European va-va-voom? Treat your guests to peak taste with an alpine cheese typically made with unpasteurised cow’s milk, relish the creamy gooiness of brie or delight in the mouth-filling richness of feta cheese.

Maybe you could travel further afield to the US and serve a mild, sweet cheese like Monterey Jack, or enjoy the lighter notes of a soft Indian Paneer. Fancy sticking to good ol’ Blighty? There are lots of fantastic English cheeses to explore.

Cheese and wine tasting

Whatever cheese you pick, don’t restrict yourself to those you see in supermarkets. Cheesemongers are the fount (or fondue if you’re being cheesy) of all knowledge on wine and cheese tasting recommendations and can suggest exciting combinations of flavours, textures, and types. There are plenty of cheesemongers throughout the UK to check out.

Stocking up on a diverse selection of cheeses allows guests to experiment with a kaleidoscope of options and ensure a dash of variety during the party.

Amaze with accompaniments

Secret tip! Hosting a memorable wine and cheese tasting session needs more than wine and cheese to succeed. Make your cheese tasting platter an instant Insta classic by decorating it with accompaniments that delight guests between trying cheeses, or to sample alongside.

Cheeseboards are traditionally decorated with extras such as grapes, celery sticks, pickles or chutneys. But take the opportunity to push the boat out and seek inspiration from your favourite foodie blogs.

If you’re serving French cheeses, rustle up some crusty French bread as an accompaniment. If mozzarella is on the menu, serve with side orders of salami, pepperoni and other cured meats for the authentic taste of Italy.

Nuts, such as almonds and pistachios, and olives complement cheeses well.

Grapes may be a staple of most cheeseboards, but any fruit can work well on a cheese platter. The sweetness of strawberries and figs, and the tartness of raspberries and cranberries can complement the hearty flavours of rich cheeses well.

And finally don’t forget to add some honey, which pairs well with most types of cheese.

Cheese and wine tasting with friends

Win with wine

Your cheeses need their partner in crime and Madame F bottles adore being the centre of attention.

  • Our Madame F white works perfectly alongside tangy, sharp cheeses.
  • Some cheeses like feta and cream cheeses have delicate taste textures, so why not pair it with a delicate Madame F rose?
  • Blue cheese is known to go with red wine for its richness and smoothness. Try our classy Madame F red for your tasting session.

Extra bits

Fancy making your cheese and wine tasting that extra bit special? Here are our insider tips and tricks for success, Madame F style.

  • Vegan/Gluten-free options – don’t forget to have vegan and gluten-free alternatives, and don’t forget to serve these cheeses on separate boards to the others.
  • Dips and sauces – you need dips, sauces and jams as the compliment. Have choices such as jam, honey or hummus available so your guests can add their favourite sauces and dips to their cheese and crackers.
  • Music – Party playlists are a must whether it’s a retro 80s or jazzy high society vibe you’re after. Whatever your jam, aim to create an intimate, atmospheric ambience.

What else do I need for a wine and cheese party?

There are plenty of finishing touches to help lift your wine and cheese party to heady heights.

  • Create eye-catching invites – an email with time and date isn’t going to cut it. Get creative with invitations and pick a theme. Fonts, images and crafting prowess all have a role to play in the invite stakes.
  • Cutlery – wine and cheese tasting at home will require you to have plenty of cutlery on hand for cutting, slicing, and serving. This includes knives, forks, spoons, napkins, and small serving plates.
  • Platter labels – having homemade labels for your platters lets your guests see exactly what you’re serving, so get creative and make some dazzling labels.
  • Dress code, date and start time – when hosting a wine and cheese tasting party at home, it’s important to let your guests know the date, time, and dress code. Picking a time mid-afternoon or early evening is probably best for your guests.
  • Decorations – if you’re hosting your wine and cheese bash in summer and outside, then outdoor lights, colourful bunting and fun decorations including flags, balloons and table decorations can add a spot of flair and enhance the atmosphere.

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