LGBTQ+ cultural events calendar 2022

Looking forward to celebrating and partying? Here's our exclusive calendar for all the top LGBTQ events in the UK this year.


Whether you prefer a spicy red, blushing pink or classic white, Madame F has no time for judgement. We celebrate creativity, inclusivity and originality, and we believe that everyone deserves to enjoy life – and wine – no matter who you are or who you love.

Queer or nowhere near, inclusivity is at the heart of what we do at Madame F. Partnering with Queer Britain to launch The Queer Britain Madame F Award, we pledged £30,000 to champion LGBTQ+ artists and feature the winning design on every single bottle of Madame F wine.

We believe wine lovers of all natures and identities should celebrate occasions with a bottle of Madame F. To help share the joy, we’ve rounded up the biggest LGBTQ+ events in London and the UK that you should attend this year. See you there!


BFI Flare: London LGBTQIA+ Film Festival event UK

The biggest LGBTIQ+ film festival in Europe, BFI Flare (formally known as the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival) is a celebration of queer film. The event showcases the best of new queer cinema, celebrating the talent and raising a glass to the diversity of the great minds behind it. These artists are the pioneers of brave cinema, delving into various themes including the body, sex and mind.


Great British Bear Bash

Just as quirky as it sounds, the Great British Bear Bash is four days of fur and fun. Hosting an array of event days, from the more chilled coffee and pizza socials to club nights, the event caters to the whole of the gay bear community, whatever your scene is. Hosted by the ManBears, Manchester’s most famous bear group, they aim to create a friendly, inviting and, most importantly, fun event for the bear community to express themselves and meet new people.


Queer Britain

Time to celebrate as Queer Britain, the UK’s first national LGBTQ+ museum, is due to open near Kings Cross in London. Housed in delightfully beautiful Granary Square, it’s an area steeped in Queer heritage and the museum will be a focal point to tell the diverse histories of queer people who have impacted every part of culture. We’re proud partners of Queer Britain at Madame F, so join us and let’s make history!


Pride Edinburgh

Is there any better way to kick off summer than with a Pride festival and one of Scotland’s most important LGBTQ+ events? One of the most beautiful cities in the UK, Edinburgh’s gay pride festival involves a fab parade through the main streets. Along with entertainment, activities and lots of celebratory drinks, Edinburgh’s Gay Pride is the event to see and be seen.

UK Black Pride

Europe’s largest celebration for LGBTQI+ people of African, Asian, Latin, Caribbean and Middle Eastern heritage. A safe space for these communities, you can dance to your heart’s content without any fear. UK Black Pride values self-expression and culture, representing and celebrating it to ensure inclusivity. An event that’s full of good vibes where you can be yourself and shine.


Sparkle Weekend

Sparkle, the National Transgender Charity, hosts Sparkle Weekend each year to celebrate and promote fundraising and awareness of the transgender community. The annual event to honour gender identity is one not to be missed, with bars and clubs joining in and entertainment from all over Manchester. A warm welcome to anyone within the community and beyond, plus it’s free to attend, meaning you can spend more on looking knockout fabulous!

L Fest

An award-winning festival, L Fest celebrates music, art, comedy and lesbians. The aim is to create a safe, diverse and inclusive environment for lesbians and their allies. A three-day celebration honouring the talents behind queer arts, sports and everything in between. You can also become more educated with discussions and practical workshops while partying the nights away. While tickets are currently sold out following the cancellation of L Fest in 2020 and 2021, there is a waiting list for cancellations – get your name down!

Liverpool Pride

Up for a dance and the chance for a celebratory drink? LGBTQ+ friendly city Liverpool is renowned for its Pride festivals, and after 2021’s Pride was cancelled, this year will be bigger than ever. Head to this iconic city in July when organisations and people come together to celebrate being unapologetically themselves. Celebrate with one of our iconic Madame F wines.


One of the most prominent LGBTQ+ events in the UK will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year, so expect the event to be unlike previous years. The quintessential parade will strut through London, with the festival taking place in Trafalgar Square and around Soho. Join the celebration in recognising all identities and sexualities that keeps London (and the UK) so diverse.



In the gay capital of the UK, Brighton Pride is the boldest event on the calendar. A place full of history and diversity, expect a party to remember to celebrate LGBTQ+ individuals. If you’re lucky enough to catch some lukewarm British weather, the beach is the ideal backdrop to host such an event. With live music, parades and more, the vibrant festival has the community at its heart.

Madame F – your partner-in-wine

Most parties let you bring a plus-one to keep you company. Yours? A bottle of Madame F wine. Choose from three varieties to suit your personality and enjoy it with a celebration to remember.

Celebrate what makes you, you!

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