Absolutely fabulous New Year’s Eve Party ideas

From glamourous parties that will be the talk of 2022 to intimate gatherings, read our guide to fabulous New Year's Eve party ideas.

Who says you have more fun going out on New Year’s Eve than staying in?

It’s undoubtedly more stressful partying out, honey – from choosing the killer outfit and finding the perfect venue to being the absolute centre of attention is exhausting. And that’s before you have to stumble home (yours or mine?) in heels and try to find a taxi at the end of one of the busiest nights of the year.

This year, ‘in’ is the new ‘out’, and the only stressful thing about staying in for New Year’s Eve is trying not to get too comfy with your gal pals. It’s also the perfect excuse for a party without the hassles. Glam it up, baby, and make your home the glitziest venue in town.

Stuck for party ideas that’ll be the talk of 2022? Read on for a few fabulous New Year’s Eve party ideas we think will turn your night into an elegant extravaganza.

New Year's Eve party ideas

Fabulous pyjama party

Pajama Party Whimsical Graphic

Let’s face it, sweetie – everything’s more fun when you do it in your pyjamas.

Whether it’s just your closest pals or you throw open your doors, bring in the New Year in your comfiest PJs with drinks in hand. Keep a vat of mulled wine on the stove, the popcorn within grabbing distance, and be ready to kick off your fluffy slippers when the ball drops at midnight.

Decade costume party

Women Dressed in Flapper Style of Roaring twenties Drinking wine

Kick start the New Year in style by having everyone strike a pose in outfits from their favourite decade!

The roaring 20s, swinging 60s, 80s or 90s – the opportunities for eye-catching outfits are endless. Bonus points if they come dressed in an iconic celebrity look from the decade. Don’t forget to put together an accompanying playlist for the decade, too.

Musical karaoke or dance off

How to host a karaoke party with friends

Amazingly, musicals aren’t for everyone – but who can resist grabbing the microphone and all the attention with a karaoke party.

Belt out your favourites, or have your guests pick songs for one another and see who really knows all the words. Why not do sing-offs to make it more exciting and see who is crowned the karaoke star by midnight?

Alternatively, make it all about the dance moves or show them how it’s done by voguing like a pro.

New Year's Even game night

Game Pieces Sitting on a Board Game

Drinks plus games plus attitude equals fun for everyone, even for those not playing. Scrabble and Charades are ten times funnier when everyone’s in the party mood!

Take turns playing your favourite games around the table, or go Big Fat Quiz of the Year-style and have your guests team up to look back on the year with a few laughs.

A decadent midnight breakfast

Pastry Assortment in Buffet

Have you ever noticed that breakfast food tastes better when you don’t have it for breakfast?

Waffles and pancakes are the obvious options for a midnight breakfast party – make them savoury with bacon and fried eggs, or satisfy your sweet tooth with fruits, cream and maple syrup. Pair with some bottomless drinks – think expressive and fruity whites or bold and spicy reds – and everyone in their fanciest pyjamas for the most decadent midnight breakfast ever.

New Year's Eve food – delightfully delicious

Dinner Party
New Year’s Eve food – delightfully delicious

A New Year’s Eve party is nothing without the food to soak up all the alcohol. But what do you serve while still looking good?

You are two main options:

Buffets and finger food

We all know that finger food is the best kind of food.

Buffet-style food is the most convenient option for entertaining large numbers of guests while looking fabulous. It’s easier to have a variety of foods to suit all tastes, so there’s no panic trying to find a single dish that everyone can eat – and no stress involved in calculating portion sizes.

The fact that you can buy it days or even weeks in advance, and cook most supermarket offerings in less than 30 minutes, is the icing on the cake.

Glamourous formal food

A formal dinner party that’s great for sharing the highs and lows of the year is the chance to create a showstopper end to the year. You can go full-on fabulous with excessive table decorations or dial it down for a more intimate setting.

A more relaxed, cosy atmosphere can also work well for New Year’s Eve celebrations. Simply tweak the table style and setting – add a few candlesticks, a fun tablecloth, and a chilled bottle at each end of the table, and you’ll be welcoming in the New Year in style.

Sharing dishes are the perfect option for a sit-down meal – think casseroles, pies and bakes. There are thousands of recipes suitable for vegans, vegetarians and omnivores alike, so there’s no chance someone will go hungry.

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New Year's Eve party drink ideas - the most important guests

Toasting the arrival of the New Year with a glass of sparkling is a staple of most New Year’s Eve parties. 

But not everyone wants to spend the entire evening drinking champagne, prosecco or some other sparkling wine, and, if we’ve learnt anything over the last two years, it’s that sometimes you need to find a new way of doing things. Rather than serving bubbles to your guests, how about a juicy red wine or refreshing white?
Wine is a great party drink, especially if you’re looking to add a touch of sophistication to your New Year’s Eve.
If you’re planning on a cosier night in with good food, a smooth red like Madame F’s Rouge is a gorgeous option. But, if you’re feeling light on your feet and you’ve decided finger food is the way to go, you can’t go wrong with our fruity white wine. A mic-drop marvel that combines creamy Viognier, citrus Colombard and floral Muscat – simply one of a kind, baby!. 
But don’t forget the rosé – it’s a bright, juicy and simply perfect bottle for any celebration and should be at the top of any New Year’s Eve party drink ideas list.
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