How to host the ultimate karaoke party

We've designed the ultimate 6-step plan for you to host the most sickening karaoke party night in you'll ever have. Wine and Gaga included.

Instead of going out, how does a karaoke party night in sound? Think flowing drinks, floor-filling anthems and perfect Insta opportunities. And the good news? Staying in doesn’t have to mean low-key – with the right planning along with some delicious wine and nibbles, you can channel your inner diva or stadium star.

So what does it take to knock ’em dead with an at-home karaoke extravaganza? No worries! We’ve broken down the perfect karaoke party night into six simple steps that’ll guarantee some laughs and unforgettable TikTok content.


Must-have invitations

Sure, email invitations are easy to send out and are great reminders, but where’s all the fun in that? And an invitation on the group chat is going to get lost among all the opinions on the latest Netflix series.

Get your hands dirty with some paper DIY invitations – think club flyers and VIP passes. Don’t forget to add important details like the theme and dress code.

Karaoke machine

A karaoke party isn’t a karaoke party without some equipment, but forget pulling up lyric videos uploaded on YouTube in 2009 and go totally 21st Century instead.

If you’ve got a smart TV, then online karaoke such ROXI TV is a great option, with thousands of songs, music videos and matching microphones.

With a bigger budget, you can opt for an actual, real-life karaoke machine as the perfect centrepiece. There are plenty of online options where you can buy or hire a karaoke machine at a range of prices that come with their own microphones.

Microphones are a must for the full karaoke experience, but what’s better – wired or wireless? Well, that depends on how much of a performance you’re planning on putting on. Wireless is our favourite so you won’t stumble over cables when dazzling with your vocal acrobatics.

How to host a karaoke party with friends

Food and drink

Nothing kills the party vibe harder or faster than hangry guests. So don’t leave guests empty-handed while waiting to battle it out on the microphones and serve up some tasty sweet and savoury bites.

Don’t forget the most important thing of all – the drinks!

To tingle the tastebuds, we’ve created a three-bottle case of wine perfect for any occasion in collab with Queer Britain, including our famed Madame F red, white, and rosé. But what food should you serve with them? Here are some recommended pairings:

  • Mini BBQ bites and our rich Madame F red wine – to class up your mini sliders and veggie skewers.
  • A sweet bar and our fruity Madame F rosé wine – “Alexa, play Sour Candy by Lady Gaga ft. Blackpink.”
  • A cheese board with fruit and crackers and our refreshing Madame F white wine – perfect for a mid-round energy boost.

Of course, our suggestions are also perfect New Year’s Eve party ideas or, if you’re feeling festive then our guide on how to make mulled wine is an original addition to any Christmas karaoke gathering.

Choose an unforgettable theme

Everything’s better with a theme.

To take your night to the next level, go big and let out your inner 70s rocker with black leather, a ripped T-shirt or fishnets, or aim for your favourite pop icon – be it Freddie Mercury, Elton John or Adele.

Check out this list of party themes and snatch the ones you want before the rest of your tribe gets them!

Karaoke songs

Pop divas, TikTok hits, 90s grunge, musicals – you name it, you can sing it.

Rather than being given a scrap of paper with a name and song on it 30 times, set up a playlist for your friends to add their songs to, or just ask them to text you before the party so you can set one up and keep everyone on their toes with the order.

Duet karaoke songs should absolutely be encouraged, especially for those who feel a little shy when signing in public. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart and Start of Something New are always crowd-pleasers. But don’t forget to include the easy karaoke songs like Since You’ve Been Gone, Everybody, Sweet Caroline and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

But, just in case everyone needs a break from singing for a second, we’ve got that time covered.

Games, prizes and awards

Keep the energy in the room up in between rounds of singing by playing a few karaoke games. Our favourites? ‘Guess the Song Intro’ and ‘Finish the Lyrics’. Apps like ROXI TV have plenty of music games available.

To make sure everyone’s on top form and to up the stakes, dish out awards for best solo, best duo, most accurate costume, or worst singer at the end of the night. Maybe even spice up the night with an anonymous vote – kinda shady in here, huh?

Prizes could be anything from mini trophies and sweet treats to a bottle of wine.

What else do I need for a karaoke party?

When it comes to a great karaoke party, the devil is always in the details…

  • An MC – there has to be someone in charge to announce the songs, keep the vibes up and decide winners.
  • Lights – ditch the unflattering yellow overhead lighting and order a disco bulb and some coloured LED strip lights from Amazon to help set the mood.

The outfit, of course – just because you’re spending the night in doesn’t mean you can’t put in some effort. Even if your karaoke party doesn’t require a costume, Instagram does, so get dressed up and strike a pose!

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